plant monday – hydrangea ‘ayesha’

Plant of the week –
Common Name: hydrangea, mophead
Botanical Name: hydrangea macrophylla ‘ayesha’

 This shrub has flowers so different from any other Hydrangea macrophylla, but once it is seen it is never forgotten. Very popular for its unique look, the large flattish flower head is composed of a very large number of tiny florets giving the overall appearance of flowers similar to a lilac. The dainty flowers of this genus are actually scented which is very rare, although not very strongly. The leaves are a glossy mid-green and smooth with shallow serrations. ‘Ayesha’ is ideal as a showy accent plant or can be grouped for stunning effect. Also superb for planting under the filtered light of shade trees.

Description – deciduous shrub
Hardiness Zone – 6-9

Exposure – morning sun/afternoon shade
Mature Height – 5 ft
Bloom Time – July-frost
Bloom Colour – pink or blue 
Bloom Size – 6-8 “
Scent – slightly fragrant 

photo credit – Canada Plants

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