so envious

I have been reading quite a bit about vegetable gardens – blogs, magazine articles and more blogs and I have to say I am very jealous. The first thing I said to my husband when we bought our house in August 2010 was how I was going to have the biggest and bestest vegetable garden. Then we got a dog. He’s insane. Our backyard looks like a war zone after he has spent the day outside. He digs holes all over the yard, eats the branches off the trees, dug up two peonies I had planted by the deck, ate my Endless Summer hydrangea … He has just turned 1 and shows no signs of slowing down. He’s an 80 freakin’ pound dog ! My gardens in the back yard remain empty for the time being until he calms down and stops being such … a puppy. It sucks because the back yard is where I have the perfect sun/shade ratio for so many plants that I want to grow. The front yard is basically sun from 10 am – 6 pm in the summer months. Not good for so many plants, but I try anyway.

So, I had plans of a big vegetable garden, bought 40 different kinds of seeds, bought the books to learn about veggie gardening and then decided it wouldn’t be worth it. He’d eat everything, destroy everything. For now, a diagram of my dream vegetable garden rests on the fridge. Hopefully one day I will get to use my layout plan.


8 thoughts on “so envious

  1. Hi, Erin. I love gardening, also. I don’t have a garden blog, per se, but I include lots of photos in a blog called You liked my Joyful Hermit blog, which was very kind of you. I don’t know how to click a “like” for your blog; I’m not techy at all. But I wanted to stop by and thank you, and will look at your blog as you are far more focused with writing about gardens! It is helpful to others to encourage gardening. Gardening is so good for the soul and will be wonderful for your children, too.

  2. Our yellow lab, Maggie, was like that. She ate the little pine tree in the backyard. My sister’s bleeding heart and a box of crayons also went missing. We did find the crayons later though, in an altered state of being. I was 3-5 years old but I still remember it.

    Best wishes for your eventual garden!

  3. Having been a gardener without a garden in the past, I feel your pain! Would tallish raised beds ( with decorative high-ish willow surrounds?) be worth a try?
    Your front garden sounds great too. I only have the sun from 7am – 1pm in my front garden, but have had lots of success with all types of veg and flowers. Last year the runner beans were glorious and provided shade for lettuces to grow, tulips were stunning and sweet peas provided a delicious scent. Don’t despair! I’m sure loads of fruit and veg will love your spot.

  4. You should totally try raised beds! That is how I garden in my yard. Super easy to build or you can buy them and just snap them together. You can even find elevated beds that are basically big planters with legs. Or containers. That is the thing about gardening that I love – it is almost fun to figure out the challenges and overcome them!
    Also, thanks for stopping by and liking my blog today – it is fun to meet people via blogging. : )

  5. I am sorry your beautiful garden plans in the backyard are on hold.

    Until my golden retriever hit 3 years old, he destroyed a lot, not just yard stuff. We have always had big dogs so i try to work my plans around their insticts. The most important lesson I learned with being a gardener with a dog was to keep all plants away from the fence perimeter w/ at least 18 inches for dog patrolling.

    Best wishes and I like your blog.


  6. Hi there! Thanks for “liking” my blog today! I am really liking exploring yours. I love your Plant Monday feature and am planning to order seeds for the Datura you mentioned awhile back. With regard to your vegetable garden, the suggestions of a tall, raised bed could work well. I also wanted to add you could try front-yard veggie gardening. It is becoming more and more popular as more and more people in urban environments begin to utilize whatever space is available to “grow their own.” Maybe just a small section to try it out would be an option… Best of luck!

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