I love getting seed catalogues in the mail. It’s like, I need to make myself a cup of tea every time, sit down with the catalogue, look carefully over every single page and make notes of flowers that would compliment the perennials in my gardens. Just a habit, hah.
In the last few weeks I have received catalogues for Stokes, Vesey’s, Thompson & Morgan and Richter’s. I end up circling a few dozen that I would love to try as I desperately try to remember one of my “resolutions” for the garden – not to be seduced by all those pretty catalogue pictures.

I ordered a few packets from Summer Hill Seeds which were mostly dahlias – I want to try my hand at these lovely flowers. A lady in my parents’ neighbourhood grows them in her garden and they are breathtaking. My understanding with dahlias is that they will develop tubers and I can lift them for the winter in my zone 5. I will most likely take pictures of the growing process when I start them at the end of March-ish, along with petunias and lavatera.

Last summer I grew giant cactus zinnias in the garden and they looked amazing, so I ordered five varieties from Seedman to try out. Zinnias are one of the easiest annuals to grow from seed and germination is very quick.

I think I might try growing a gardenia plant in the house since it is too cold here in the winter to be planted in the garden. I have loved this flower ever since I was a little girl – so pretty and the fragrance is wonderful. I’m wondering if they are hard to start from seed ? I would like to try a few other tropicals from seed to grow as houseplants.
Time to look around some more. I’m sure there will be another post later with more seeds I have purchased.


6 thoughts on “seeds

  1. I too am routinely seduced by those plant/flower catalogues! Here in the US I get Springhill’s and Breck’s, and both contain absolutely stunning photographs of plants that are so unlikely to flourish in my yard they might as well be growing on Mars. And despite my forlorn realization that almost any plant I try to nurture is likely to die an unintentional but agonizing death, I still have spent ridiculous sums of money on orders from them. Ah well.

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