plant monday – delphinium ‘red caroline’

Plant of the week –
Common Name: larkspur
Botanical Name: delphinium ‘red caroline’

The gorgeous flowers of ‘Red Caroline’ emerge rose-red and deepen as they mature to almost true red.
Delphinium is a stately, elegant perennial that is a standard in English cottage gardens. Mounds of dark green, glossy foliage are adorned with huge spikes of showy, spurred flowers in early summer. They thrive in regions with relatively cool and moist summers, and often struggle in hot, dry summer weather. However, some new varieties are more tolerant of heat. Delphiniums are available in a range of sizes, from dwarf varieties less than 2 feet tall to those with towering, 6-foot blooms. ‘Red Caroline’ is on the smaller side. Flower colours include blue, red, white, and yellow; however, the rich, clear blues are especially prized by many gardeners.

Description – perennial
Hardiness Zone – 3-9
Exposure – sun to partial shade
Mature Height – 18-24 in
Bloom Time – mid to late summer
Bloom Colour – reddish pink
Scent – none


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