cymbidium orchid

Cymbidiums are cool-growing orchids, native to the subtropical highlands of Southeast Asia.

I bought this beauty at Home Depot this morning. And while my husband may have sighed as I carried out “yet another plant” to the car, it is such a pretty sight that it doesn’t matter that he doesn’t understand my obsession with plants. All the women in Home Depot were flocking to these orchids so I had to join them. Actually, it was the bight blue orchids that caught my attention when we walked through the doors. My husband noticed I was fixated on the plants and said,  “well I’ll see you at the checkout line”.
Has anyone seen the blue orchids ? My goodness, they are something, but I walked away with this lovely gal instead. A total of 8 perfect blooms.


9 thoughts on “cymbidium orchid

  1. Whoa! Really pleased to have found your blog, and looking forward to following your growing season…

    I almost (ALMOST) bought a ton of seeds and compost on Saturday. The itch is here.

  2. Very nice!! I keep looking at the Orchids at Whole Foods and the temptation is there to pick one up, but, I am just getting low on room for more plants! 😦

    I have a few Orchids (although I am very new to them) – though, I did get a lovely bloom from my Paphiopedillum callosum that lasted for over a month

  3. Thanks for liking my blog entry! I too was seduced by the blue orchids at home depot and brought one home. I haven’t been successful getting tropical orchids to bloom, but I’m sure you can if you just pay more attention that I have to the directions.

  4. I would love to hear any recommendations on caring for Orchids. I have tried two different times to keep one alive and they have died on me. I hope that you are having success keeping yours alive! 🙂

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