this year

As the new year is upon us it is time to plan the upcoming gardening season. New Years resolutions for a gardener ?

This year I’m going to plan out my garden on paper, and I’m really going to follow it this time.
This year I’m going to keep a garden log (or blog, so maybe this task is already in the works).
This year I’m not going to be seduced by the pictures in all those garden catalogues or the plants in the nurseries tempting me. Sure they all look so beautiful, but last year I got carried away and bought some new plants with only a vague notion of where I could put them, then try to squeeze them into some crowded spot where there isn’t really room for them to grow.
This year I will start my seeds indoors and follow instructions a little better than last year.
This year I will deadhead and water more regularly.
This year I will have a little more patience for my still-getting-established garden.
This year I will try my best to keep up with the garden while attempting to go back to work after my year long maternity leave is finished in June. *sigh* it will be a little more difficult this summer.


6 thoughts on “this year

  1. Good Luck! I will now follow your blog to see if indeed garden goes as planned! Hope you stop back to watch mine grow. I learned many years ago I am a reactive gardener not proactive. The times I plan it has not worked out but the times I move or create from what is already around me those are the vignettes that last!

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