plant monday – virginia bluebells

Plant of the week –
Common Name: virginia bluebells
Botanical Name: mertensia virginica

This North American woodland native is a worthy and care-free addition to any shady wildflower or naturalized area, and undisturbed plantings will slowly increase in size. To come across a stand of bluebells in bloom in the woods is a dream. Bluebells is among our most revered of wildflowers, perhaps because their beauty is so fleeting. Arranged in clusters, the tubular clear-blue flowers that flare at the mouth open from pink buds. Lance-shape foliage emerges purplish-brown but becomes a medium green before going dormant after bloom time. Because this perennial is so ephemeral, plant it where you won’t be tempted to dig repeatedly as you might forget it is there and destroy the roots.

Description: perennial wildflower
Hardiness Zone – 3-8
Exposure – partial sun/shade
Mature Height – 2 ft
Bloom Time – mid-late spring
Bloom Colour – blue
Scent: none 


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