plant monday – hosta ‘great expectations’

Plant of the week –
Common Name: hosta
Botanical Name: hosta (plantain lily)

Hostas are among the most popular of perennials for shady areas and form a sturdy mound of foliage, topped with lily-like blooms. ‘Great Expectations’ Hosta has wide, irregular blue-green margins surrounding an ever-changing centre; starts out chartreuse in the spring, turns to yellow, and then finally to white. Fern green streaks are painted between the margin and centre of each leaf. A cluster of white flowers are displayed on scapes just above the foliage. This one is also very slow growing. Hostas are wonderful plants, very versatile and easy to grow.

Description: perennial
Hardiness Zone: 3-9
Exposure: part or full shade
Mature Height: 24″
Bloom Time: summer
Bloom Colour: white
Scent: slight fragrance



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