plant monday – clematis ‘john paul II’

Plant of the week –
Common Name: Clematis ‘John Paul II’
Botanical Name: Clematis

Named for the Pope, this stunning Clematis has 5-6 inch flowers and will bloom for most of the summer with the second batch later in the season producing slightly smaller flowers. White flowers with pale pink central bars which age to a dark pinkish-purple and dark purple-red anthers. The colours will last much longer if grown in partial shade. Clematis are vigorous plants and can live for up to 50 years. Even though these plants can be grown in full sun, its base and roots need to be completely shaded either by a small shrub for large perennial planted directly in front of its rootball. This Clematis will add beauty and height to a garden when other perennials are finished for the season.

Description – vine/climber
Hardiness Zone – 4-9
Exposure – full sun to part shade
Mature Height – 12 ft
Bloom Time – May-Sept
Bloom Colour – shades of pink and white
Bloom Size – 4-6 in 

Scent – none


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