It’s snowing. Wet snow, but snow nonetheless, and how fitting to have the option of falling snow on your blog ! I’ve been wondering where the snow has been since we normally have some by now. It’s just been too mild for late fall, not that I’m complaining, I’m just so sick of the rain. Snow is prettier. It’s been raining a lot lately and my gardens are soaked. I hope that’s ok for the bulbs – the last thing I want is for them to rot.

The other day I was walking through the wooded area of our lot enjoying the look of the trees in their fall mode, but mostly to get cuttings for the boughs I was making. There are a few plants back there from the original owners. They were big into gardening and apparently all the large gardens around the house were full when they sold the house. The people who bought it were not gardeners and basically removed everything and didn’t take care of what was left. So when we bought the house there were weeds galore and I ended up starting from scratch. The plants that were still in the front gardens were a Hosta (probably Fire & Ice) the size of kingdom come, Yucca ‘Adam’s Needle’ and an orange daylily. I removed the Hosta which I swear weighed 60 lbs (on a side note, I pulled it out after I had the baby, not while pregnant) and the Yucca because it was totally gross looking. The good thing about having an empty garden to start with is I got to plan out what I wanted and choose plants of my choice.

So, in the back ‘forest’ I discovered several Hostas this past summer. Also another Yucca and some Asters. I want to dig up some of the nicer looking Hostas and move them to the back garden as a filler for now … well, in the spring.

Wow, my babbling completely took me off course from my original topic. But, anyhow, it looks like the snow has stopped, for now, and the dog is barking at the squirrels running around gathering food before the snow really starts to fly. Which reminds me, we never did finish cleaning up the yard of leaves and pine needles …


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