plant monday – datura ‘double golden queen’

Plant of the week –
Common Name: angel’s trumpet or datura ‘double golden queen’
Botanical Name: solanaceae

Datura’s have upright blooms, while those of closely related Brugmansia are pendulous.
This beauty has large 7″ double, frilled flowers that make it a dynamic border or container plant. They are visually stunning plants with their height as well as the pleasantly scented blooms. They look amazing in the perennial garden with any colour of flowers, and will definitely be noticed and envied by all. Need to be started from seed and can be brought indoors for the winter.

Description: annual, grown from seed
Hardiness Zone: can grow as a perennial in 9-11
Exposure: partial to full sun
Mature Height: 4 ft
Bloom Time: germination takes 21-60 days
Bloom Colour: canary yellow
Scent: highly fragrant


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