plant monday – plumeria ‘singapore’

Plant of the week –
Common Name: frangipani
Botanical Name: plumeria obtusa ‘Singapore’

There is nothing quite like the sweet scent of these flowers. Blooming consistently from April to November, they make a lovely show in the garden. The flowers themselves do not last long, but the bloom pod is continuously blooming for most of the year. In colder climates they make a great patio plant where the pot can be brought indoors for the winter. Plumeria trees are also known as Temple Trees because they are usually planted in front of temples in Asia – for their fragrant flowers. The flowers are most popular in Hawaii which are used to make flower necklaces (leis). Thick, succulent leaves can grow to 10-inches long or more.

Description – tropical tree
Hardiness Zone – 10-11
Exposure – full sun
Mature Height – 15-20 ft
Bloom Time – blooms all year
Bloom Colour – near white and yellow
Scent – highly fragrant


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