shrubs for winter colour

In my quest to add colour to a winter garden I found a helpful article on different shrubs that do just that – brighten up the grey background of winter. Looks like I will be re-working my gardens to add some of these beauties in with my perennials next year. I like that shrubs can offer colour and shape in winter and transform the garden from looking like a blanket of white to a winter wonderland. But with my original garden planning I mistakenly chose all deciduous plants. Probably because of my love for Hydrangeas. A lesson learned.

Here are a few shrubs that leave pretty colour during those unsightly days of winter –

· Yellow/Red Stem Dogwood – even though deciduous, I love the look of bright red stems against the white snow.
· Japanese Maples
· Oakleaf Hydrangea – yay, Hydrangea ! Oakleaf varieties have leaves that turn rusty red in the fall.
· Birch
· Contorted Hazelnut
· Euonymus – I have a couple of the compact emerald n gold kind. The whites have turned a nice pink colour for fall.
· Boxwood – not a big fan of.
· Holly
· Yew
· Hemlock
· Cedar
· Junipers
· Barberries
· Highbush Cranberry
· Cotoneaster
· Winterberry
· Roses considering some of the very hardy roses for next year.


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