winter arrangements

A warm welcome at the front door during the holiday season.

I took on the task of making my own winter box and urn arrangements this year. We have several different evergreen trees in the front and back yard so I gathered a few clippings of each and laid them out in the boxes and pot. Greenery provides a base that gives both fullness and color. Adding in several different kinds, whether it be juniper, cedar, blue spruce, pine, holly … they will add interesting textures and colours together. I added in pine cones and glittery silver snowflakes along with tall crystal covered stems for added height and a country feel. I have 4 flower boxes along the front porch and all are designed the same, though the two on each side of the walkway have the bow and the two at each end do not have a bow. I’m thinking of placing red berries throughout the boxes and urn for some needed colour.

Next project might be to make wreaths. Maybe I should gather up some pine cones …


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