exotic star & ice cream

I stopped at Hollandale today and picked up two Exotic Star Amaryllis bulbs, three Paperwhite bulbs and a package of Ice Cream double Tulips.

I potted up the two Amaryllis bulbs in separate pots and put the three Paperwhites together. Now I need to find a spot to plant the Ice Cream Tulips in the garden since they need to be planted in the ground to flower in the spring. The only problem is I took out most of my plant markers where I had planted all my tulip bulbs so I shouldn’t go digging in case I crack a bulb. Maybe I’ll take on the challenge of planting them in a pot. A way to do this in a very cold climate is to either store the pot in a garage, wrap the pot in burlap or cover with straw. I’m just using a small pot so I can easily move this into the garage. The pot will have to stay out of bitter, frosty nights and out of direct sunlight.


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