planning & dreaming

Looking at my gardens I definitely need some evergreen shrubs for late fall and winter interest. My plants are either deciduous or need to be cut back/down to the ground, so my gardens look very unattractive now until spring. I have a couple Rhododendrons in one garden, but want more shrubs in a variety of foliage colours.

There is always the very popular and hardy Boxwood and Juniper, but neither are my style and they are just plain boring. I will have to search through Connon’s online inventory – they have a great selection of, well … everything.

I decided to go ahead and dig out all the Canna rhizomes from the garden, and there were a lot! I have neglected them since pulling them out, though. They are sitting in a bucket in the basement, so that means they are piled on top of each other probably having a hard time drying. I need to clean them up and trim their roots before storage. Hopefully they will hibernate well and thrive again next season.

For spring I have an order from Botanus –
Corsica and Alaska Canna
Ruby Port and Nora Barlow Aquilegia
and a free Catherine Woodbury Daylily

Thinking of moving my Hamburg Hydrangea to a spot along the fence by the driveway so it can have lots of room to grow and plant shrubs of some sort in its spot. Not sure what I’d like, but I have all winter to dream up something. I know that I want the Cannas and Aquilegias to go behind whatever shrubs I plant.


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