yet even more hydrangea thoughts

Obsessed? Me?

So, Hydrangeas Plus has a new catalogue for 2012. I was sent the PDF version of this wonderful catalogue yesterday and have been drooling over the photos. I have never ordered from them, but admire everything about this company. From what I have read they are very friendly and love what they do, along with sending amazing plants. They have a very large selection of many rare and common hydrangeas. I just have no room left in my front yard gardens for large shrubs and don’t have my backyard gardens ready yet. I have plans for at least three macros to go along the deck and another macro or two by the garage. The only problem is our dog. He loves to eat and destroy everything so I’m not sure yet if I will plant anything back there next spring. He will be a year and a half by then and hopefully calmed down, but I doubt it.

Anyway, after looking through the PDF catalogue I decided that I wanted to have the actual catalogue in my hands, so I ordered it. After seeing Tokyo Delight on one of the pages I was reminded of the one I had and killed.

Hydrangea Macrophylla Tokyo Delight – I planted this little beauty in late spring and had it for two months before it died. I never got to see it bloom. I think I had it in a bad spot with too much sun. It wilted during the day, so I gave it lots of water to help it recover and I think it was just too much water. I probably drowned it along with it being scorched by the sun. It was a sad day having to pull it out of the ground and toss it in the wooded area of our lot. I want to try this plant again at some point and give it a shadier spot to grow.

This lovely hydrangea is a dainty compact plant with thin stems. A lacecap with pink or lilac sterile florets and white fertile florets. But I never got to see those pretty, yet small, flower heads. In its spot I planted the Paniculata Kyushu and it does so much better in the open sun.

Being the overly organized nut that I am, I plan to make a note of a few hydrangeas that I like from the catalogue. I am a freak list-maker.


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