oh, hydrangea … how I love thee

Hydrangeas have quickly become a favourite in my garden. I love how each shrub has a different colour. They sure catch the attention of anyone walking by with their big, bright blooms making a bold statement.
Of the macrophylla type hydrangea I have All Summer Beauty from the Endless Summer series – my blooms have taken on a lovely lavender blue, Glowing Embers – a vividly dark red which almost looks purple, Hamburg – dark pink and slightly smaller blooms, Red Sensation from the Forever & Ever series – just as the name states; the blooms are sensationally red, Cityline Mars – a lighter pink with white edging, Cityline Vienna – dark pink flowers with an attractive cream-coloured throat.
My paniculata hydrangeas consist of Pink Diamond, Limelight, PeeGee, Bombshell, and Kyushu.
And then, of course, there is Annabelle. Lovely yet in-your-face Annabelle of the arborescens family. She puts on a spectacular show all summer.


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